There is an option for clients that have less complicated issues to either hire an attorney at David Gates Law or they can hire a Legal Technician. The Legal Technician is a less expensive option depending on the client needs.


The Legal Technician option uses a Flat Fee regarding Family Law Issues. Some clients do not need the assistance of an attorney for their matter and this is an excellent option for clients to get their matters filed.  


Legal Technicians may not appear in court for clients, but they may advise and negotiate for the client.


The attorneys at David Gates Law are available to file either a Notice of Appearance or A Notice Of Limited Appearance; depending on what the client’s needs are after the initial orders or final pleadings are drafted.


The Legal Technician advises and drafts pleadings for the client for a flat fee. The client will also be given instructions on how to file the pleadings with the court and serve the pleadings on the opposing party. Or the client may ask David Gates Law to provide this service for a fee.


Another service provided by the Legal Technician is review of pleadings. This is also provided with a Flat Fee.