Mediation is an informal way to resolve disputes without going to court.


The parties attempt to negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement with the help of a neutral mediator.

Mediation can be used in many types of disputes.


The mediator tries to help you reach a fair solution that works for

each of you and helps with communication.


The mediator creates a safe place to negotiate and

works to make sure you each feel heard with what you feel is significant,

then come to an agreement on what is important.








David has a deep commitment to the community and has been working as an attorney in the area for over 21 years.


While David’s earlier legal career included a wide array of practice areas, he also now specializes in

dispute resolution as a mediator. He has the most experience with family law.


This experience has led him to a deep understanding of intricate family law issues.

His extensive 21-year career in family law will provide you with the peace of mind that

your case is in experienced and capable hands.

Although his focus has been family law, David is also available to mediate

business disputes, real estate disputes, and contract disputes. 
David is available to help you make fair and informed decisions

in an efficient, cost effective manner.


David mediates in all areas of law, including: 


Legal Separations/Divorces
Child Support/Spousal Support
Allocation of debts/assets 
Pension/retirement account division 
Parenting plans/Custody disputes
Parenting Plan modifications
Paternity actions



Barbara Esselstrom

Legal Technician/Mediator

​Barb has been a part of our team for over 5 years. She has vast knowledge and experience in all

areas of family law and mediation services.

She cares deeply about our clients and works hard to provide them with

excellent mediation services.

Barb became a Legal Technician in 2015 and she is a qualified family law mediator.

In mediation she specializes in parenting plans,

working hard to help parents reach an agreement on their parenting plan disputes. 

Barb mediates in the following areas:


Parenting Plan/Residential Schedule
Decision Making Disputes
Child Support
Paternity Actions
Dissolution/Legal separation